Personnel de soutien

/ Support staff

Athletic Therapist: Didié Hamel-Jolette, BSc, CAT(C), CSCS

Cell: (514) 699-8524
Email: [email protected]

Didié graduated with distinction from Concordia University in 2011 followed by obtaining Fitness Trainer certification with the National Strength & Conditioning Association. He keeps his formal training and certifications up to date in order to be able to offer the best of his knowledge to Pointe-Claire athletes.

In his practice, Didié uses a global evaluation approach in order to identify motor dysfunction and structural imbalances. To address these imbalances, he chose targeted corrective exercises and uses manual therapy techniques such as myofascial release and soft tissue manipulation, working with muscle energy, joint mobilizations, etc. His goal is to ensure that athletes heal as quickly as possible so that they can return to their training.

Didié has worked with successful professional athletes, Olympians as well as recreational athletes. He has worked with athletes in many different sports including with combat sports, taekwondo and UFC, swimming, cycling, triathlons, hockey, trampoline and climbing. Committed to young athletes, he is also involved with sports teams and ACCSports to improve and promote physical literacy among youth. Using his training and enthusiasm, Didié will create a stimulating program to help the athlete become more resilient, efficient and effective in their movements.

Didié can help everyone push their limits and fulfill their dreams and be a part of their overall success.

Thérapeute du Sport Agréé – QC-4452-11
Préparateur Physique – CSCS 20117550

Swim Team Administrator: Fernanda Parente

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 514-630-1202, Ext 1403