Volunteer Procedure


PDFTÉLÉCHARGER les directive pour les bénévoles

Please read the Volunteer Guidelines carefully.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in your volunteer session not being recognized for credit.

• The request for volunteers for home swim meets will be announced individually by email. Parents will be able to sign up to help out with one meet at a time. Please pay attention to the dates regarding signing up for each home competition.

• Parents may volunteer to (1) officiate or (2) to do hospitality (anything do to with food service) or (3) both.

• There will be two forms available to parents:
– Officials Form
– Hospitality Form
These forms will be emailed to parents prior to the competition.

• Parents must complete the form in the area that interests them and submit them BY EMAIL ONLY to the contact person(s) listed on the form. (No forms will be accepted at the Reception Desk). Any forms that are missing information will not be considered and will be returned to the sender.

• Forms will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. If not all your choices are available, you will be contacted by the person accepting the forms. Once your sessions are confirmed, you will be advised.

• In order to be given credit for volunteering, parent volunteers MUST SIGN IN.
– Officials: Must check in at the official`s table
– Hospitality: Must check in with Sarah MacDonald at the kitchen
Failure to check in will result in the volunteer session not being recognized.

• Family volunteers must be 18 and over to qualify for a credit.

• If, at any point, you are unable to do the shift you have been assigned, please contact the coordinator as soon as possible so your spot can be filled by other people.

• Children may NOT accompany their parents while they volunteer. The hospitality area is reserved only for those working at the meet (officials, coaches, volunteers). Children may not go on deck with their parent volunteer unless they are working as a volunteer.

• In order to ensure we have enough people to help out, PCSC reserves the right to find a replacement if a parent does not show up on time for their volunteer shift.
– Hospitality volunteers should arrive 15 min before their shift (unless otherwise informed).
– Officials must show up 1 hour before their shift (unless otherwise informed).
Parents who are replaced due to tardiness or who leave early will not be able to claim volunteer credit for the event.

• Helping out at other pools with officiating does not count toward your volunteer credits; however, all meets are run using volunteers so we hope that PCSC parents will still offer to officiate at away meets. Remember, officials always get the best seat in the house!

• In order to keep the costs down when hosting a competition, we count on families to donate food. A food donation list will be posted prior to each home competition. All families are expected to contribute, whether or not they are volunteering.

Thank you!